What does a newborn session involve?

A newborn session with me is a gentle, calm and baby led session. I carefully and safely pose your baby into gorgeous poses to create beautiful images.  We usually start the session with a feed, to help your baby get sleepy and wrap them up so they’re super comfy.  I have different props and outfits to use throughout your session to create different set ups for your images.  I will make sure to get to you know little bundle to make sure they’re comfy and happy throughout.  


When do newborn sessions happen?

Newborns change very fast, so it’s best to capture the magical few days as early as possible.  I usually recommend to do the newborn session when they are between 5-14 days new as after 2 weeks, babies can wake easier and become less curly for those curled up poses. 


When should I book a newborn session?

It’s best to book as soon as you can after your 12 week scan. This ensures availability for your session when baby arrives. If you left it until baby arrives we may not have space to fit you in. We use your due date to book you in, and schedule your session in when baby arrives, no matter if she is early or late.


My baby is already born, is it too late to have a session?

That depends on how old baby is when you contact us, and if we have any available slots. We will always try to fit you in, so do get in touch.


How long is a newborn session?

I usually schedule in 3 hours for a newborn session. It could be a little longer or shorter than this though. This is because I let baby run the session and it’s done at their pace.  I will take time to settle, feed, change and soothe to ensure they are comfortable during the session.  I won’t rush baby. I never book more than 1 session a day to ensure we can take our time and baby can run the show. 


Is it safe?

Your baby’s comfort and safety is my top priority.  I have been trained by one of the top UK newborn photographers and also taken part in courses for baby safety during sessions.  Their temperature, circulation and comfort as always my top priority.


Do we need to do anything to prepare for the session?

When you book you’ll receive information on how to prepare to ensure the session runs smoothly.


Why do newborn sessions only happen in the morning?

Newborns generally sleep well in the morning, due to being awake in the night.  For the best images, a sleepy baby is a great help, so this is why I schedule newborn sessions for the mornings.  If we did your session in the afternoon your baby will have probably slept all morning and is more likely to wake and become unsettled during the session.


How long will our viewing and ordering session be after the session?

The average time between your session and being invited back to see them and place your order, is three weeks. However, during busy times this may be a little longer. I will of course keep you updated.


How many images will I get to see?

How many I take depends on your baby on the day, but usually when you come back for your viewing and ordering appointment I will show you between 20 and 30 hand edited images for you to then purchase from.


Do I have to purchase a package?

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase a package or any products at your viewing session.  You can choose any products or packages at your viewing and ordering session.  All prices you can find on my prices page on my website.